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Grabisch v. LMPOA

To the Members of the Larkspur Marina Property Owner’s Association:

There have been a number of statements regarding Alfred Grabisch’s willingness to settle, the Association’s willingness to settle and and a supposed “agreement” Nelson Barry had with the City regarding Inlet Gate Project costs. Many of these statements have been inaccurate, if not false. These statements have made many believe that Mr. Grabish has stood in the way of resolving this dispute, and that the Board has been actively trying to do so only to be rebuffed by Mr. Grabisch. This is not true.

If you are interested in the truth, please see my letter of May 10 and the other documents linked below. The documents support my May 10 letter and prove the inaccuracy of Mr. Katz’s statements regarding settlement. The deposition of Nelson Barry makes clear that Mr. Katz has not been accurate when he attributes either statements or actions to Mr. Barry. Mr. Grabisch felt that as Members of the LMPOA you had a right to know the truth.

I respectfully suggest that you review my May 10 letter and documents supporting it, then ask Mr. Katz to show you any correspondence from the Association attorney to me regarding settlement. I would also ask that you review Mr. Barry’s deposition statements regarding the preconstruction costs “agreement” Mr. Katz has touted. Such an inquiry should satisfy you as to where the truth lies. If you have any questions please drop me a note at

My May 10 letter explains the facts

My Letter of December 2

My letter of January 7

My letter of March 9

Mr. Tice’s email of April 1

My email of April 8

My email of April 16

My email of April 17

Selected Pages from Deposition of Nelson Barry

Deposition of Nelson Barry.